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"Aprimatic" CL 610 / 1010, Sliding Gates

CL 610 / 1010
This is so called the ‘classic line&rsq of products. The CL 610 and 1010 is suggested for domestic and small collective applications. The motors dimension allows physical applications to take place in small or reduced areas. It is suggested that a good quality gate be used, one that is rigid and operates smoothly in mechanical mode.


  • Reduction gear operators with magnetic limit switches and with⁄without built in electronic control unit
  • Slowing down system on opening and closing operations
  • CL 610 400Kg max gate weight
  • CL 610 40 Cycles per day
  • CL 1010 800Kg max gate weight
  • CL 1010 - Up to 250 cycles⁄day without built in electronic control unit
  • Manual disengage in case of emergency
  • Accessories can be added

CL 610 and 1010

A  Reduction gear motor
B  Built in electronic control unit
C  Pluggable radio receiver
D  Radio remote control
E  Radio antenna
F  Rack
G  Safety photocells
H  Key switch
I  Warning light