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"Teleeye" JN6504-S,JN6508-S,JN6516-S, 2MP AHD & IP Hybrid DVR

JN Series brings a revolutionary enhancement to AHD digital video recorders. From SD to 4K, the whole system has to be overhauled during the installation, resulting in extra costs and disruptions to the daily operations. TeleEye’s JN Series is designed to overcome the difficulties of installation from SD to 4K; Setting up JN Series as a part of a surveillance system is easy and does not cause any difficulties. Plus, another competitive advantage of JN Series is very low latency although it is up to 4K resolution. When users monitor their sites through JN Series, they can get the information and the pictures in real time (the gap of the latency is much lower than IP based- surveillance system). JN Series enables users to have high-quality surveillance and a revolutionary experience.