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"AVTECH" AVC667RP/F60, 1/3" SONY Color CCD IR Camera

1/3" Sony Color IR Camera
This is a 1/3" Color CCD video camera employs a 1/3" Color charge coupled device solid-state imaging device which provide extremely long life and high reliability. The camera offers excellent reproducibility with low lag and high burn resistance, and is not subject to distortion from magnetic fields and the camera functions reliability in wide temperature range.
1/3” Sony Super HAD Color CCD. 
350 TV lines. 
0.5Lux / F2.0, 0Lux (10 meter IR ON). 
Water Resistance: IP 57 
R LED: 12 units Infrared LED 
R Effective Range: Over 10 Meters 
Automatic IR trigger-on under low 
Automatic IR off under normal illumination