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"GE" 250-CO, Security SafeAir Carbon Monoxide Detector


Carbon Monoxide is literally a silent killer-it's invisible, tasteless and odorless, and kills thousands of people every year. In most cases Carbon Monoxide victims are aware that they are unwell, but they've become too disoriented to think of either exiting the building or calling for assistance.

Prolonged exposure to the gas can result in brain damage, and cases that result in death usually involved the victim sleeping during inhalation.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide exposure include:
Mild Exposure: Slight headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue (often described as flu-like symptoms)
Medium Exposure: Severe throbbing headache, drowsiness, confusion, fast heart rate
Extreme Exposure: Unconsciousness, convulsions, cardiorespiratory failure, death

Because of its invisible nature, it is essential to have a CO alarm in your home that can detect this silent killer.

How It Works:

  • The 250-CO Carbon Monoxide Detector monitors the levels of CO gas and gives early warning when dangerous levels exist. It does not detect fire, smoke or any other gas.
  • Unit provides a multicolored LED and a sounder to indicate the detector status. Unit automatically resets when CO is no longer detected.
  • Detector can connect to either Household Fire Warning or Commercial Fire control panels.