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"GE" 80-307-3X, Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System


The GE Simon 3 is a popular and well proven, time-tested security system. That’s because it’s easy to set-up and easy to operate. However, the Simon 3 is much more than a simple alarm system - it’s a system that caters to a family’s needs. It not only incorporates intrusion detection, but incorporates what’s called a latchkey notification feature which will notify you by phone or pager if your child does not arrive home at a predetermined time and disarm the system. In addition, the Simon 3 is capable of controlling up to eight X-10 devices such as lights and appliances. This means you can turn on the lights by schedule, by event, or by the touch of a button.

With the Simon 3, you can choose whether or not you want to use a monitoring system or simply have it call your phone or pager, or it can do both. Plus, because it is wireless, Simon installs in hours, not days with no mess, no wires, no dust or imposition.
The Simon 3 kit is made up of a control panel which serves as the keypad and siren. Many users have commented on the console design which is smaller and more attractive than other typical panels. (But don’t let its size fool you!) The kit also includes 2 door and window transmitters, 1 pet immune motion detector, one 24 hour back-up battery so your system remains up and running for 24 hours in the event of longer power outages, one X-10 ready transformer, a jack and cord, plus a user’s video.

Other great features of the Simon 3 include 24 available zones so you can protect your home or business from burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide. Plus, 1 partition, remote phone control, and a two-way voice feature which allows you to talk back and forth with the monitoring station in the case of an emergency or a false alarm. There are also 6 programmable access codes which can be set to 3, 4, 5, or 6 digit codes, so each family member can have a private code. In addition, Simon's built-in digital voice directs you through every step of operating the system, plus tells you the status of your system and the location of an alarm.
The Simon 3 offers sophisticated security and home automation which is made simple for you to program, learn, and operate. As GE says – “Simon says…Simply the best in security”.

Here is a recap and some additional Features –

• 24 wireless sensor zones; 2 hardwire zones
• 6 user-programmable access codes
• Up to 8 individual light or appliance control units
• Integrated radio receiver
• Built-in touchpad
• Rechargeable back-up battery
• 2-way audio verification as a built-in feature or add-on
• Supports 2-way RF Talking Touchpad
• Complies with UL 985 rating