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"GE" 60-886-95, Crystal Wireless Shock Sensor


GE Wireless Shock Sensor

  • Internal reed switch
  • Tamper switch


The Learn Mode Shock Sensor has the following three main

  • To detect the vibrations made by an intruder trying to break a window or door.
  • To detect a window or door opening.
  • To detect tamper situations, such as an intruder removing the sensor cover.

Vibrations cause a momentary open circuit in the shock element of the sensor. The circuit closes again when the vibration stops. The sensor microcontroller "sees" the open/close action as a pulse, causing the sensor to transmit an alarm signal. The sensor has two different detection modes:

  • Gross Attack - detect a violent blow sufficient in length to trip sensor.
  • Pulse Count - detect a sufficient number of less violent blows (rapping or tapping).

The sensor includes an internal magnetic reed switch that must be disabled if it is not used.
A cover tamper provides additional security if an intruder tries to disable or damage the sensor.