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"GE" 80-268, Wireless Security - Concord Kit w 16 Wireless Zones


Concord is a full-featured, hardwire hybrid security system that uses advanced technology for burglary and fire detection, making Concord a dependable security system that is both easy to install and simple to use. Concord's modular design provides outstanding system flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any customer. With 2 partitions and up to 76 zones, Concord can handle big or small residential and commercial security needs.

Expand the system even further with a Phone Interface/Voice Module for on- and off-site system control using touch-tone phones, and a speaker output for on-site voice status and alarm messages. Digitized voice messages over phones and speakers inform users of the current status, reassuring them the system is operating correctly. The Power Line Carrier card adds X-10 light control and Supervised Wireless Siren operation. A new menu-driven programming interface with shortcut menu numbers guides installers quickly and easily with access via alphanumeric touchpads to all configurable settings.


•8 standard hardwire zones; 76 maximum zones

•2 partitions

•2 onboard programmable outputs

•2- and 4-wire smoke detector compatibility

•Compatible with all ITI wireless Learn Mode(TM) sensors (with RF Receiver installed)

•60 user-programmable access codes with programmable authority levels

•Latchkey numeric paging - by user code and key fobs

•100-event history buffer

•Quick exit

•Quick arming

•Up to 16 scheduled events



•Output Relays

•Scheduled Arming

•Built-in 12-watt siren driver

•Voice annunciation of alarm events, using the Phone

•Interface/Voice Module

•SIA False Alarm Reduction features