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"Aprimatic" Apricolor Varia & Varia T, Chain operators for bottom hung and outward opening windows

Apricolor Varia & Varia T

Chain operators for bottom hung and outward opening windows.

VARIA KIT Exclusive quick-fit system to secure the operator to the window. The Varia kit is compatible with a vast range of profiles from the R and G.A.C.S. series.

Apricolor VARIA is an electro-mechanical chain operator with internal nylon magazine. It is suitable for bottom hung and outward opening windows, and features an adjustable stroke from 90 to 400 mm. 230 V and 24 V operation. Can be connected in parallel. The chain is rust-proof thanks to the Dacromet coating.

Apricolor VARIA T is designed for twinmounting on single windows with a width greater than 1600 mm. Apricolor VARIA T can be specially connected to share overload protection between two operators connected in parallel. If one operator jams, the other stops automatically to avoid twisting the window.

- Power supply: 230 V 24V
- Thrust force: 150 N
- Pull force: 300 N
- Adjustable stroke: from 90 to 400 mm
- Operating speed: 40 mm /sec
- Current absorbed: 0.8 A ac