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"Soyal" AR-837-EA, Flush Mounting or Surface Mounting Multi-Function Face Recognition Controller


- Communication Redundancy

Support dual Communication Interface TCP/IP and RS485; When the main communication interface is abnormal and the secondary communication interface can run seamlessly, in which is suitable for occasions with extremely strict communication security requirements.

- HTTP WEB Server Remote Management Interface

Remote Control via HTTP Browser whenever on PC or any brands Mobile phone. 

- 2 sets of UART expansion interface

Flexible integration with Peripherals such as I/O Module, Lift controller, Display board and Infrared Thermometers. 

- Support Soyal serial overlay system structure

Adjustable Working Mode:

1. Single door control

2. Dual door control (Connect with WG reader)

3. Multi-door control (Connect with Multi-door control panel)

- Multiple language menu setting

User-friendly menu setting: the user can follow menu and functions instead of remembering setting commands.

- Surface mounting or Flush mounting

Selectable surface mounting or flushed mounting according to the requirements of decoration.