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"Honeywell" HD-16DVR-C, Technology Enhanced HD series16 Channel Digital Video Recorder

Up to 200 DVR can be interfaced and administered simultaneously with the use of advanced Honeywell Digital Video Central Surveillance (DVCS) management software. For video surveillance applications requiring PTZ capability, HD-16DVR-C is intelligent to address and control PTZ cameras including Honeywell HSD series and ScanDome series PTZ cameras, and also third-party PTZ cameras.

HD-16DVR-C is an efficient automated monitoring and recording engine for its capability to trigger recording and to response to events when alarm inputs, motion, video loss and/or blank are detected. Also featuring SMS and mobile phone remote access, HD-16DVR-C is ideal to perform real-time monitoring and video searching through network anywhere.

HD-16DVR-C is an ideal video surveillance solution for medium scale surveillance applications in buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories, shopping malls, car parks and so forth. The HD-16DVR-C operates in 24x7, and is an excellent DVR with effective total cost of ownership to maximize the return on investment.

• H.264 compression 
• 400/480fps CIF recording rate, 1st and 9th channel for 4CIF resolution
• Dual encoding support for network transmission and remote access monitoring
• Dual encoding streams supported, flexible for network transmission and mobile phone monitoring
• 4 SATA HDD capacity, up to 8TB storage
• eSATA port and CD-RW/DVD-RW for backup
• PTZ control: Honeywell Diamond, ScanDome, VCL and Pelco D/P protocol support
• Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, PTZ preset, e-mail, FTP upload
• Web server built-in interface to Honeywell DVCS management system, MSS (mobile phone surveillance software)