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"TOA"700 Series,Integrated Mixer/Amplifiers

700 Series
  • Nine Channel Integrated Mixer/Amplifiers for paging and background/foreground music distribution


  • Proven TOA Quality and Reliabilitywith wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation

  • Three Models: A-706 (60 W) A-712(120 W) A-724 (240 W)
  • Six Mic/Line Inputs, balanced, with mic trim, 23 VDC phantom power and removable terminal block connector
  • Two Auxiliary Inputs, unbalanced, with dual-RCA jacks for convenient connection of stereo sources
  • Module Slot accepts 900 Series plug-in modules with additional features
  • Transformer-Isolation for Telephone Paging Applications (Input #1)
  • 25 V, 70.7 V and 4 Ohm Speaker Outputs with removable terminal block connector
  • Auto-Mute Priority Function assignable via external switches
    • Channels 1-3 and Module configurable as Mute Send
    • Channels 1-8 and Module configurable as Mute Receive
  • Auto-Mute SENSE Control for adjusting mute activation threshold
  • External Mute Terminals for activating mute function with external switch-closure
  • Individual Channel and Master Volume Controls
  • Bass/Treble Tone Controls
  • Output Level Meter and Power Indicator

  • Remote Master Volume controlled with an external 10k ohm linear-taper potentiometer

  • Auxiliary Output for connecting an external amplifier or recording device
  • Pre-amp. Out / Power Amp. In Insert Jacks for connecting external signal processors
  • Remote AC Turn-On for activating power with an external switch-closure
  • Turn-On Delay disconnects output during power-up
  • Over-current and Thermal Protection Circuitry prevents potential damage from overloads, short-circuit and overheating
  • Detachable IEC-type AC Power Cord
  • Volume Control Security Knobs Included (4)
  • Optional Rack-Mount Kit, model MB-25B (2 RU)
  • Optional Input Transformer: Model IT-455 can be added to Input 2 and/or Input 3 if necessary. (1) IT-455 is required for each channel.
    • An Insulator Sheet TOA part number131-27-700-90 is required for each IT-455 to be installed.
    • A qualified technician and soldering are required for installation of the IT-455 with insulator. Contact TOA Technical Services - Product Support Group at (800) 733-4748 Option 2 for installation instructions and/or to arrange installation (for a fee) at the TOA Repair Center.
  • UL / cUL Listed
  • Five Year Warranty